Wills, Trusts, & Estates

Wills, Trust and Estates

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New York Trust and Estate Attorneys Help You Plan

Knowing that you have planned for your family’s long term well-being and financial security can bring you peace of mind and comfort. Whether planning the care or support of loved ones upon your death or guiding you through the probate process as you mourn the loss of a loved one, Attorney Robert White can help you with all aspects of trusts and estate issues, including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Tax Issues
  • Executorship Duties
  • Guardianship
  • Living Wills/Healthcare Proxy
  • Probate
  • Will Drafting and Execution

Estate Planning

When devising an estate plan, we consider how best to protect your children, support your loved ones and to contribute to charitable causes that are special to you. We draft a will that reflects your desires and establish living trusts if they advance your individuals needs and your estate planning goals.

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Drafting Your Will and Your Living Will

A will is essential at every stage of your life. Your Living Will sets parameters for your medical intervention should be become incapacitated. It ensures that when you are your most vulnerable, your wishes will be honored. Your last will and testament provides for the distribution of your property, can establish care for your children, and otherwise express your wishes upon your death. If you die without a will, the court will determine how your property is distributed, who care for your children; decisions that may not reflect your desires


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